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Nov 20

Post-Mortem - Pokémon Pinball Generations

Introduction GitHub Link: Two years ago, I collaborated with some folks at Twitch Plays Pokémon to bring an enhanced Pokémon Pinball experience to the stream. There were many pieces that had to come together to make this possible, and the end result was quite fun and rewarding. To give some background context, Pokémon Pinball is a Game Boy Color …


Nov 15

Pokémon Contest Painting Effects

Introduction GitHub Link: In the Game Boy Advance games Pokémon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire, the player may compete in special competitions called “Contests”. If the player performs well enough, an NPC will kindly paint a portrait of the Pokémon and display it in the Lilycove Museum. The player can view this painting, and depending …


Oct 27


Introduction GitHub Link: As the Pokémon Gen 3 decompilation projects mature, some of my focus has shifted to improving the developer experience. One of the painpoints of working with the Gen 3 engine is comprehending existing event scripts and writing new scripts. Poryscript is a higher-level scripting language that makes scripts writing scripts much …


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